Seville just for your eyes

The heat is overwhelming and the main square of the cathedral deserted; even the horses harnessed to the carriages, usually treading the centuries-old cobblestones, are as if slumped under the orange trees, in the shade of the walls of the Alcazar palace.palaces with ocher and white facades stand out so clearly against the intense blue sky, that it feels like a theater setting ...without spectators.Seville is sleeping.And not just because it's nap time, under the sun beating hard in early July.Following the Covid, the city is patiently waiting for tourists to return.

So for those who want to discover the city of Andalusia in peace, now is the time.Air France has just opened a direct line at attractive prices, the hotels are empty (therefore at reduced prices), and on site , the Sevillians, delighted to see a few foreign visitors again, pamper you like never before.You might as well take advantage of it, it will not last.

If you are afraid of coming to Spain this summer, we reassure you right away.All over the country, as in Seville, much less affected than other Iberian cities (Barcelona or Madrid in the lead), we do not joke with the measures Sanitary security.The Sevillians have a strong character, but move forward masked.Not a restaurant, a shop, a hotel or a museum without hydroalcoholic gel made available to visitors (wearing a mask is not compulsory outdoors).

In this particular context, visiting the city has an unprecedented taste.We walk through the Museum of Fine Arts and its masterpieces without encountering a living soul, we stroll through these flowery patios where nothing can be heard., apart from the echo of the bells and the sound of water streaming from the fountains.On the deserted squares, one rests in the shade of the foliage, amazed to contemplate the monumental Spanish Steps in the totally deserted Parque Maria Luisa .It is rare to be able to discover the city in this light.With this feeling of living a getaway that is more romantic than melancholy.With very, very few holidaymakers Seville looks like a young girl.

Posted Date: 2020-11-15

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